Survey of 500 Defendants: Awareness of and Interest in participating in Restorative Justice

A survey of 500 Defendants about Restorative Justice: Their Awareness of and Interest in participating in Restorative Justice


Gretchen Casey

This 2018 study examines defendant awareness about restorative justice and defendant interest in participating in restorative conversations with victims of their crimes. Using a non probability convenience sample of individuals sentenced to prison and individuals serving probation, 500 individuals who identified as defendants in criminal cases were asked to complete a 4 question survey about their awareness of Restorative Justice (RJ) and their personal interest in participating in RJ if it was available in their criminal case. The results of the survey are shared publicly in the hopes it will inspire further study by researchers within both academic and prison institutions. Our hope is that this survey will bring increased attention to the needs of victims and the accountability that restorative justice and the Florida criminal justice system can invite, support, and offer to offenders as a means to repair and prevent reoccurring harm. This study was funded by the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding (RPCP) and conducted in 2018 and authored by Gretchen Casey, RPCP Director of Restorative Justice Outreach and Training.

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