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Restorative Justice on The Rise is not just a weekly radio broadcast, but a cutting-edge media platform documenting the transformation of our justice system in real-time.

It is also a wide and deep network of organizations and the individuals that represent them who’ve contributed to this ongoing public forum and broadcast and a hub for finding multiple resources and tools that include a range of media beyond our recorded archives library.

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The Peace Alliance

Mission Statement:

The Peace Alliance empowers civic engagement toward a culture of peace.

Who They Are:

The Peace Alliance is an alliance of organizers and advocates throughout the United States taking the work of peacebuilding from the margins of society into the centers of national discourse and policy priorities. Their network includes volunteer grassroots teams in cities, towns, colleges and high school campuses across the nation.

The Peace Alliance is a 501(c)4 nonprofit.  The Peace Alliance Educational Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that may accept tax deductible donations.

What They Do:

A great need exists in our country and world for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to preventing and resolving violent conflict. From the growing rate of domestic incarceration to increasing problems of international conflict, the United States faces great challenges around the issue of violence in our homes, communities and world.

Communities for Restorative Justice

Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ) is a community-police partnership that offers restorative justice to those affected by crime. Our “circle” process recognizes that crime is a violation of people and relationships, not just a violation of law. We receive police referrals and seek to include those affected by crime in the decision-making: victims, offenders, loved ones, supporters, community members, and law enforcement officials.

C4RJ took its first case in 2000 and has offered restorative justice in hundreds of cases in the Metro Northwest region of Boston. The organization is driven by scores of trained volunteers, is guided by a 13-member board, and employs an executive director and support staff.

C4RJ recently completed a 30-minute film about our work called "Finding Courage: Addressing Harm with Restorative Justice Circles." Click below to watch a 15-minute clip about restorative justice and the circle process.

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