Mission & Goals

The Mission of Restorative Justice on The Rise is multifold.

  • It leverages virtual technology to reach a significant global participant base in its poignant public dialogues, thus supporting the tipping point and systemic change we are currently amidst in our justice systems.
  • In the United States we see a profit-motivated Industrial Complex and one that says one thing (correction, rehabilitation) while enacting another (cycle of endless incarceration and recidivism, isolated stakeholders, etc).
  • The United States houses over 1/3 of our world’s prisoners while we only make up less than 5% of our world’s population.
  • We also provide a free archive of all our dialogues via our podcast, thus an educational base of resources that help mobilize, educate and connect the powerful work many are doing, and have done, for decades.
  • Finally, we provide educational trainings specific to the needs of particular sectors in the field, using the easy to access technology similar to what is used for the radio-style series.

Restorative Justice on The Rise is the “Fresh Air” of Justice.

We talk with people from all over the world who are leading the charge for change. You are an integral part of this dialogue.

  • Provides an uncensored and live dialogue space
  • Answers to the need to discuss openly and honestly a failing justice system and the many models that are actively working as solutions in the field of RJ
  • A media outlet that is at the cutting edge of truthful dialogue
  • A public forum that includes your uncut input and open access/a direct line to some of our nation’s (luminaries, wayshowers, leaders) in the field
  • One of the few media sources where you can access free archives and materials that support the cause of restorative justice
  • A resource and a public forum for uncensored and authentic dialogue and engagement

Restorative Justice on the Rise

Media That Matters: Public Dialogue On Justice

To provide connection, advocacy, education and inspired action as a public service to individuals and communities seeking to proactively improve relationships and structures within their spheres and our world.

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