Jeanne Bishop - Change of Heart

Jeanne Bishop experienced the absolute unthinkable. 25 years ago her sister Nancy, brother-in-law Richard and their unborn child were brutally murdered by a then-teenaged boy who had come into a growing life of robbery and crime. She has written an about to be launched book about her journey that led to meeting him in 2013, and the story of Grace and Redemption that illuminates her path.


Interview on December 16, 2014 via our sister Pacifica-affiliate radio show, Community Justice Talks on KHEN LP Salida

Michael J. Gilbert, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he teaches “Drugs, Drug Laws and Crime.” Before joining the university faculty, Dr. Gilbert had over 20 years of experience in corrections and criminal justice. Working with offenders and justice system officials he became aware of the adverse consequences of the “war on drugs”. He began to question the validity, morality, and practicality of drug prohibition. Mike also represents Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and is Executive Director, National Association of Community and Restorative Justice,


Interview on December 9th, 2014, via our sister Pacifica-affiliate radio show, Community Justice Talks on KHEN LP Salida

Lisa Rea has diverse and broad experience in legislative advocacy, public policy development, and grassroots organizing. She is a former legislative staff person to three members of the California Legislature. Lisa has served in the public and private sector as a legislative advocate on a range of subjects including criminal justice reform, healthcare, welfare reform and environmental public policy.

She is a restorative justice expert and lecturer with over 20 years’ experience at the state, national and international levels with special expertise working with crime victims. Lisa worked for two national organizations promoting systemic criminal justice reform as a legislative advocate, and policy strategist. In 1998 she directed one of the first intensive in-prison restorative justice projects in the U.S. inside a Texas medium security prison.

In 2001, she founded the Justice & Reconciliation Project, a national nonprofit seeking to educate and organize victims of violent crime around the benefits of restorative justice. Lisa is the president of Restorative Justice International (RJI), an international association and network founded in 2009 through social media ( with over 3700 members and affiliate members globally working for victims-driven restorative justice.

Ms. Rea is president of Rea Consulting based in California providing government relations, online grassroots organizing, media relations and restorative justice consulting guidance.

RJI can be reached at and Rea Consulting at Restorative Justice International can be found @  as well as a robust and active discussion group at LinkedIn here

Van Jones is the co-host of Crossfire on CNN, and is his official site and the digital home of the ?#?TeamVan? community. He is also the President and co-founder of Rebuild the Dream, a platform for bottom-up, people-powered innovations to help fix the U.S. economy. A Yale-educated attorney, Van has written two New York Times Best Sellers: The Green Collar Economy, the definitive book on green jobs, and Rebuild the Dream, a roadmap for progressives in 2012 and beyond.

In 2009, Van worked as the green jobs advisor to the Obama White House. There, he helped run the inter-agency process that oversaw $80 billion in green energy recovery spending.

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