How Our Live Telecast Works

Restorative Justice on The Rise is currently an audio-only telecast (as well as an RSS Podcast), not unlike a live radio show that invites caller’s questions—but it takes that interactive feature to the next level by using a technology that helps the host identify who the live participants are in order to have more fluent conversation and dialogue, modeling more of a two-way style conversation instead of a quick sound-byte radio show style q&a format.

The mission of this ongoing series is to thus provide what might be considered a “virtual forum” of restorative justice for people in diversely arrayed locations to convene together in one “room” to discover, dialogue, share tools and information, and to take actions as it applies to the fast-transforming justice system in the US and beyond.

Top Tech Questions:

What equipment do I need to access the telecast?

Simple. A telephone.

Why does it keep saying my PIN is not valid?

The most common, although still only occasionally occurring, reason why people miss a broadcast is because of this error message from the conferencing system (“PIN not valid”). If you forget to dial the “#” key after your PIN, try doing that. If the error continues more than 3 times, please message us at

Can I use Skype to access the telecast?

Yes, by using the Skype Telephone keypad. Simply dial in your provided number and then PIN, and you will be able to access it the same as a normal phone.

Will this call be recorded?

Yes. And not only that, it will be podcast so make sure to sign up for notifications of our current shows and 3 full years of archives.

How do I submit a question before the live call?

During the registration process at Maestro Conference’s site for each broadcast, you’ll have a chance to submit questions or comments to your Host.

How do I ask questions during the broadcast?

Your Host usually opens up to live questions and dialogue with the guest speakers around halfway through the hour’s telecast. Press “1” on your telephone keypad to notify that you want to ask a live question and that will signal our team.

Are there any charges for these calls?

All broadcasts are free of charge. However, if your long-distance plan does not cover for the long-distance number you dial in for the telecast, you will be billed by your telecom company for the time.

How do I and/or my organization Partner?

Easy. Submit using our partnering request form here and you’ll hear back from our team shortly. Our Partnership model is based on a simple model of cross promotional efforts (ie, cross linking and blogs) and a sincere belief in collaboration.

Who participates and what are their backgrounds?

The series is in its third year, open to the public, and the listener/participant base comprises of a wide range of people from both the US and worldwide, although mainly the US and Canada on live broadcasts, and is cross sectioned by about an equal third in range of experience/understanding/professional service to and with RJ. We see everyone from stakeholders of violent crimes to citizens wanting to implement it in their small towns, to educators, practitioners, organizational staff and directors, politically active folks, representatives, lobbyists, teachers, victims advocates, and so on and so forth.

Restorative Justice on the Rise

Media That Matters: Public Dialogue On Justice

To provide connection, advocacy, education and inspired action as a public service to individuals and communities seeking to proactively improve relationships and structures within their spheres and our world.

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