Sunny Schwartz

Date of Dialogue: April 11, 2013

Description: For anyone who is working within Corrections or Law Enforcement, or interested in how RJ can span across and connect different civic areas to derail violence and provide viable solutions to mass incarceration. This interview is a strong example of how to start and implement an RJ program specifically within LE. It illuminates the nuances, the struggle and ultimately the value and results it has shown over a relatively short time span.

Brief Bio: A nationally recognized expert in criminal justice reform with 30 years of frontline experience as a lawyer, advocate and consultant, Sunny Schwartz has spent her career navigating all levels of the system and pioneering new policy initiatives for prisoner’s programs, as well as alternatives to incarceration. She is the author of Dreams from the Monster Factory, Hard cover Published 2009, Paperback version published 2010, which gives a comprehensive insider’s perspective on America’s failing prison system and recounts her own real-world implementation of a targeted strategy that both saves taxpayers’ money and dramatically reduces recidivism.

Sunny directs the design and operation of prisoner programs in six county jails. During her tenure, she has made significant changes to traditional incarceration operations, transitioning from an ineffectual system rooted in idling and “downtime” to one that requires inmates to participate in educational, vocational and therapeutic programs 10 hours a day, five days a week

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