Sequoyah Trueblood

Choctaw Sequoyah Trueblood shares Indigenous Perspectives of Restorative Justice

Sequoyah Trueblood (enrolled with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma) has contributed selflessly for many years in Canada, and the United States, and around the world as a role model for healthy leadership, bringing peace and joy to the hearts of many. As a pipe carrier and messenger of peace and with an "off the grid" style in his work he offers something most have never experienced: the genuine guidance of a supportive, profoundly inspired and diversely experienced Elder. His consistent ability to touch wounded hearts and sooth troubled minds with compassion and wisdom has endeared Sequoyah to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people alike. He has a varied background in leadership capacities within Indigenous peoples contexts as well as Western institutions including the U.S. Army, World Bank, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Harvard University Program for Extraordinary Experience Research, and Correction Facilities across North America. Paramount in his work is always placing the needs of the young people first. Currently he spends most of his summers living from the Kankurwa Medicine Lodge (Place of Peace) at Cross River Wilderness Centre in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia.


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2 comments on “Sequoyah Trueblood”

  1. Mr Trueblood I met you at a peer meeting in 1994- many paranormal experiences hv happened to me all my life - none can compare to the day without knowing me - you turned- smiled- and reached out to me as if I were a long lost granddaughter- you hugged me so gently and genuinely- it was as if my grandfather long passed was there and in the spirit of a great
    Bear- never hv I felt so at peace- still I carry the memory especially thru many difficult times since that day- many assaults hv happened to me since I went to Boston. My home was taken by title fraud by my own sister- then a trusted neighbor- I m still trying to get it bk-?it s my sacred place- I was shot in the head and blinded in my rt eye and much more crimes to me- the district atty of Houston texas just laughs and hangs up the phone- won’t talk to me in person won’t allow my civil rts- I cannot give up- I ve had to live on the street - in a storage unit- now with my son who wants me to leave he doesn’t care where I hv to go- I m asking for a prayer for him and a spiritual cleansing- I admit I don’t know how to help ppl who want to give up on life- the world has turned it s back on nature and conscience it seems no words or events can bring soul into humanity- myself I will not be a part of it- nurture and nature- conscience and peace are my guides- when I plea to ppl to tell the truth it’s to them I feel a sign of weakness and cruelty is their reply. Five times I ve been snipered in my truck- now it’s at repair bcuz a ?? exploded and almost got me killed I believe my sister did it who brags she has places blown up or burned- the police defend her- no wonder my son wants me out- I want my home back- I always paid my taxes I am never a criminal or abuse drugs or alcohol- if you would be able please say a prayer and light sage for my son- he s the reason I m still alive I feel certain and bcuz god needs me on earth still- forever I will Thankyou in my prayers for the unconditional love you shared that day with the hug so needed - thankyou- sincerely sherry Wray (also I hope your not a clone no offense but that’s a serious crisis in this nation I think it s a crime against all nature and god ppl doing that and it has to stop- the clones don’t hv a conscience or care anything about Mother Earth- sister moon- father sun or any of the creatures they burned to death in environmental terrorism fires! No one in the media ever even gave a eulogy for any creatures or mentions what happened to “ Smokey the bear” no ads- no nothing!)

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