Elevating Youth Voices & Oakland's Recent Budget Cuts: An interview with Youth Leadership

In this podcast episode feature (37m), we had the honor of speaking with Griffen Castillo and Yota Omosowho, whose work within the Oakland United School District (OUSD) to elevate the use and understanding of restorative justice has been critical.

Griffen and Yota are Youth Leadership with a National Committee of Youth in Restorative Justice that convened to present a featured Pre-Conference day-long workshop leading into the NACRJ's 7th Conference held in Denver, CO last month. Both Griffen, as a Student Adviser, and Yota, as a Student Board Member, also work with the OUSD School Board and additional key community teams to ensure that restorative justice continues to grow within this district which many consider to be the lead for this work within schools in our country.

In addition to their work mentioned above, both are involved in offering trainings and were on the main stage at the conference to provide updates. Both mention how to get in touch with them within our interview, towards the close at around 35m.

Key areas we covered: OUSD's Budget Cuts, The importance of bridging Youth and Adults in the work we do, and more
Interview Conducted at the NACRJ Denver Conference, June 14-16, 2019.

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