How Colorado Passed RJ Legislation: The Origins from 2013

In North America Colorado is considered one of many states progressing in restorative justice particular to coalition building that is spurred by legislative buy in.  This archive feature is from 2013 and is a chronicle of the movement and its progress in passing legislation that supported the now-growing coalition and programs supported by a self-funding measure stipulation as part of the law.

This panel features the amazing Deb Witzel whose tenure in restorative justice practices and leadership in advocacy and movement building in Colorado has played a key role in where things stand today. Also speaking is Senator Pete Lee and Officer Gregory Ruprecht, both equally extraordinary in their commitment to restorative justice.



Mini-interview from the NACRJ (National Association of Community and Restorative Justice) conference in Denver USA (June 2019). In this special short, SaulPaul tells us about his experiences as a formerly incarcerated young black man and how it shaped his extraordinary work and music. SaulPaul was a keynote performance featured at this year's (2019) NACRJ conference in Denver, CO and his performances and various works have been featured in major venues and media, inspiring and opening the minds of millions. More about SaulPaul at


Discussion Series. Episode 3: His daughter was murdered & he sat down with the teen who took her life. With Donald Lacy of the LoveLife Foundation and Karena Montag of Stronghold.

Diane Raptosh is a Professor and cutting-edge advocate and founder of numerous programs relating to transforming our justice system. She teaches writing within prisons and works one to one with male and female inmates struggling to recover their worth and their voice.


Lorenn Walker is a Hawai’i based health educator and a restorative & peacemaking lawyer who uses public health and solution-focused approaches to address trauma and deal with social problems commonly addressed by legal and criminal justice systems.


Justice Matters is an Interfaith non-profit organization consisting of religious congregations joined together to fulfill the following mission:


Special 25 minute short form interview

We were lucky to have the opportunity to sit down with Marko, Akeem and Stephan, all a part of Circles and Ciphers, located in North Chicago, during the 7th Conference on Community and Restorative Justice hosted by the NACRJ and by RJ Colorado, in Denver (June 2019)


Senator Pete Lee (CO), a champion for restorative justice or "RJ" in Colorado and the US for decades, interviews Prosecutor Adam Foss who is Founder and Executive Director of Prosecutor Impact at the National Association for Community and Restorative Justice Conference this past June in Denver, CO.


In this podcast episode feature (37m), we had the honor of speaking with Griffen Castillo and Yota Omosowho, whose work within the Oakland United School District (OUSD) to elevate the use and understanding of restorative justice has been critical.


Restorative Justice Growing Strong in DC: A Roundtable with Seema Gajwani and Roman Haferd from the Office of The Attorney General - Washington, DC; and Rashid Hughes and Tarek Maassarani of Restorative DC.

In this Roundtable from the National Association for Community and Restorative Justice's 7th Conference, held in Denver, CO, June 14-16, 2019, host Molly Rowan Leach sat down with the people behind the exponential expansion of restorative justice cross-sector in our nation's capital. We talk restorative justice in schools, and how the Prosecutor's office in DC realized how effective RJ is, and has grown its program which started in 2016 to include a wide range of cases. We also talk resistances, doubts in implementation, and how Restorative DC, a cross-profession hub for restorative justice took root almost a decade ago and has spurred powerful collaborations and systems work, expanding rapidly within human systems from schools to federal courts and beyond.


Restorative Justice on the Rise

Media That Matters: Public Dialogue On Justice

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