The Heart's Intelligence & The Role of Regulation

The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence –

a path to personal, social and global coherence

Reposted in part from The Institute of HeartMath

Restorative justice practices include exploring the power of self regulation and how to practice regulation specific to our needs in order to better navigate conflict when it arises.  The Institute of HeartMath has researched coherence and how the heart is in fact our "second brain", comprising of neurons and characteristics similar to our more northern organ often considered to be the primary director of our manifest actions and choices. IHM's research shows that our heart, and its torroidal field, impact our ability to increase capacity to navigate conflict, amplify climates of peace, and to gain a deeper understanding of the science-based studies in this significant field that has the potential to shift and increase our ability to match restorative values with our actual practices.

This is a repost from HeartMath's website. For the full post and to find out more please surf to the original page here.

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