#RJ & Heart Coherence with Deborah Rozman of the Institute of HeartMath

#RJ & Heart Coherence with Deborah Rozman of the Institute of HeartMath

Personal coherence is a critical aspect of working within any human services position, and perhaps even more critical when offering restorative justice practices of any kind. The clear intersection between facilitator coherence and the potential for optimal support and potential best outcomes is evident, and in this conversation with Deborah Rozman we cover the science behind heart-brain coherence and how it impacts not just ourselves, but those in our proximity and beyond, in ways that are now quantified. In plain words, if you are coherent, you are present, able to listen, able to stay neutrally oriented, and offer depthful facilitation. The implications are limitless in the field of social justice, and beyond....

Dr. Deborah Rozman is a psychologist, business executive, educator, author and a researcher in the psychology of consciousness. Dr. Rozman has written numerous books, including the award-winning Meditating With Children and co-authoring with Doc Childre the Transforming SeriesTransforming Anger, Transforming Stress, Transforming Anxiety and Transforming Depression. She helped Doc Childre found the Institute of HeartMath and currently is president and co-CEO of Quantum Intech Inc., the HeartMath technology company that develops and manufactures emWave® coherence feedback technologies. Prior to her involvement with HeartMath she was executive vice president of a biotech company where she directed sponsored research projects with Harvard University. Dr. Rozman serves on the HeartMath Institute’s Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee and is a key spokesperson for the HeartMath System, giving keynote addresses and media interviews on HeartMath research and applications.

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In this hour dialogue we open with a "Quick Coherence" guided meditation, then cover the following areas:

  • To open us up, share about your vision, passion, and entry point that landed you studying the science of the heart and with HMI
  • What discoveries excite and inspire you the most that you think would help people better understand science-backed human capacities?
  • Tell us a bit about your specific research over the past decades--a synopsis of some of it and what most inspires you about the findings
  • There is a growing movement, globally, surrounding the power of intention and coherence that is beautifully demonstrated in a recent film that shows how we have the power to influence the "field" regardless of time and space--can you speak to that, and also let us know what your definition of "the field" is?
  • How does heart brain coherence affect our ability to listen?
  • Does heart brain coherence impact our openness to receive new information, ie, bring us out of assumptions into new levels of understanding?
  • Many Indigenous refer to dialogue as a "field" -- can you share how this relates for you, and for your findings?
  • As it concerns restorative justice and dialogue work, how can heart-brain coherence drastically improve the ability for a facilitator to impact the dialogic field?
  • How does heart brain coherence directly impact trauma survivors?
  • The intersection of personal coherence of dialogue leaders and their teams with restorative justice process is an edge area in this field, but it seems that it is an absolute no brainer that facilitators and keepers would adopt this as a regular, ongoing practice. Can you speak to how easy it is to shift, even on the fly, into coherence?



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