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Circles have proven to be an anchor for transformation in the life of a participant. Through deep compassionate listening and honest sharing of personal experiences peace is felt within and ripples out.

There are many forms of Restorative Justice Peace Circles. Peace Circles LLC focuses primarily on preventative circles which are loosely based on the Native practices of many ancient cultures. Most of our native ancestors built their communities in the round, holding council circles to communicate, solve problems and make decisions. This allowed those who sat in circle the opportunity for all people present to be seen and equally respected.  When introducing any of the styles described in this web site, we refer to, with great respect and humbly honor native cultures around the world.

All circles are “listening circles” utilizing a talking piece that is passed around. While holding this piece, the speaker is given the full attention and respect of all who witness and listen with their hearts.  Before we begin, we set guidelines and agreements for how the circle will be conducted. The format is determined by the facilitator dependent upon the specific group; i.e. age, setting, environment and purpose for circle.

Restorative Justice on the Rise

Media That Matters: Public Dialogue On Justice

To provide connection, advocacy, education and inspired action as a public service to individuals and communities seeking to proactively improve relationships and structures within their spheres and our world.

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