Paws For Peace: Therapy Dogs & Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice and Therapy Dog Teams with Global Visionary Patricia LaTaille

and an introduction by Molly Rowan Leach, Host/Founder of Restorative Justice on The Rise and RJ Practitioner/Facilitator including work with Therapy Dog teams.

Bringing therapy dogs together with victims and offenders of social and criminal justice to create a healing environment that frees people from their traumas.

Paws 4 Peace is a book for animal lovers and peacebuilders in the world of restorative justice. Those who love dogs already appreciate the benefits of canine companionship!

Taking this inherent human-animal bond to a higher level and exploring the powerful connection of therapy dogs with victims and offenders in social/criminal justice scenarios is a powerful and affirming read.

Author Patty LaTaille writes:

“When asked to explain how this concept of a cross-collaboration of the species in a social justice initiative evolved, my response is deceptively simple: “It just made sense.” Being an 'Animal Person', and one who regards our fellow creatures on this planet as sentient beings who connect with humans on many levels, I've always had a strong belief in the 'Power of Paws'.”

Our Therapy Dog Teams are happy to share their experiences - both human and canine:

“Hi, my name is Abby, and I’m a certified therapy dog. One of my favorite jobs is when I’m part of a restorative justice circle. Since dogs are very sensitive to the energy that people give off, I usually sense some fear, tension, and a lot of anxiety! But I’ve come to help these people. I’m not sure what I do exactly, but when these people see me, the energy shifts, and they are able to smile and relax, at least just a little.”

Paws 4 Peace - Enhancing Restorative Practices with Therapy Dogs, provides a framework and specific guidelines on how to incorporate Therapy Dogs Teams into Restorative Justice practices.

Enjoy this entertaining and educational background of the Paws 4 Peace approach; complete with cute canines & their human's pics ? - while appreciating this detailed manual for implementing similar programs in RJ organizations worldwide!

You will find this book useful if you have read or plan to read other restorative justice books like: Beyond the Surface of Restorative Practices, The Little Book of Restorative Justice, or The Big Book of Restorative Justice.



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