Libby Hoffman of Fambul Tok

Libby Hoffman & Fambul Tok International Fambul Tok (Family Talk): Healing the Wounds of War
Founder & President of Catalyst for Peace and Co-Founder of Fambul Tok International.

Ms. Hoffman has been active in peacebuilding for over 20 years in a variety of capacities - professor, trainer, facilitator, program director, consultant, and funder. A former Political Science professor at Principia College, Ms. Hoffman left academia to focus on the practice of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. She has developed and led conflict resolution training programs in corporate, congregational, educational and community settings.

She was a founder and Executive Director of Peace Discovery Initiatives, which pioneered in positive approaches to peacebuilding, as well as in mobilizing religious resources for peace. She has designed, convened and facilitated backchannel Middle East peacemaking initiatives and worked to bring grassroots Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers together with American policymakers. She advocated for religion to be used as a constructive element of this peacemaking process and pioneered in techniques for doing this, culminating in the establishment of the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. Fambul Tok International is dedicated to advancing peace by mobilizing ordinary people-entire communities ravaged by war-in the hard work of reconciliation. Fambul Tok originated in the realization that peace can't be imposed from the outside, or the top down. Nor does it need to be. The community led and owned peacebuilding we support, witness and celebrate in Sierra Leone are teaching us that communities have within them the resources they need for their own healing. We believe this process has much to offer other post-conflict countries-and the world.

Catalyst for Peace is a Portland, Maine based foundation that identifies and supports community based peacebuilding work around the world. Our current work focuses on post-conflict Africa, and also on the ways moderate religious voices are mobilizing for peace.
We are committed to finding the stories that aren't being told, learning from the lessons of local cultures and supporting their role in peacemaking, and disseminating these lessons to a global audience.

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