Erin Freeborn & Jennifer Larson-Sawin, Two leaders in the MA RJ Movement

Restorative Justice Rises in MA:
Communities for Restorative Justice & Juvenile Court Restorative Justice Diversion Speak Up

Erin Freeborn and Jennifer Larson-Sawin (L to R) flanked by Sen. Jamie Eldridge and Rep. Ken Gordon at recent event in MA supporting Restorative Justice Practices.

Photo Credit: Communities for Restorative Justice

Topic: There is a lot brewing in the State of Massachusetts.

Recently we caught up with Erin Freeborn of the Juvenile Court Restorative Justice Diversion Programs and Jennifer Larson-Sawin, former Executive Director of Communities for Restorative Justice. Both programs are a part of the greater MA Restorative Justice Coalition and have built steady and influential programs. They have also been working to raise awareness and educate citizens in MA and beyond about the efficacy of "RJ", most recently with concerted and successful efforts surrounding S. 2078: An Act Promoting Restorative Justice.

Enjoy this fresh short interview with Erin and Jennifer, a shorter version of our regular ongoing dialogue series. In it we discuss the reframing language of justice, the key influences of their experiences in S. Africa and New Zealand, what's happening in MA and how their respective organizations are growing by leaps and bounds, as is restorative justice in MA as well as the U.S. We also share how you can support the bill and how you can get involved more directly in MA with a Peace Alliance Action Team!

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