Dominic Barter

Two Dialogues: 2012 and Summer of Peace 2013 with Sissi Mazzetti

Description of both dialogues: Dominic Barter shares poignantly in both interviews first by the tone of his sharing and presence, which in fact illuminates the equanimity that is felt in the actual process he helps guide with his work in Restorative Circles. The first conversation in 2012 offers insights into his own journey and reasons for contributing to our world in this way, and specifics as to what the process entails. In the second conversation from Summer 2013 Dom is joined by his colleague Sissi Mazzetti, whom together have worked tirelessly to hear and support systems within Brazil’s education system. Both practical as well as conveying the actual climate of a circle process, these conversations are both of great value to those working in their own communities, schools, and lives to further both the way of living that this lens illuminates as well as the systems integration.

Brief Bio: Dominic Barter plays with dialogue and partnership, focusing primarily in the fields of education, justice, culture and social change. In the mid-90s he collaborated in the development of Restorative Circles, a community-based and -owned practice for dynamic engagement with conflict that grew from conversations with residents in gang-controlled shantytown favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

He adapted the practice for the Brazilian Ministry of Justice's award-winning national projects in Restorative Justice and supports its application in a further 25 countries. In recent years he has supervised the mediation program for the Police Pacification Units in Rio, served as invited professor at the Standing Group for Consensual Methods of Conflict Resolution, at the High Court of Rio, with a focus on school mediation and bullying, and focused on the development of restorative community. Currently Dominic directs the Dialogue Restoration project for the State Education Department of Rio de Janeiro and partners with the Centre for the Study of Public Security and Citizenship at Candido Mendes University.

Sissi Mazzetti Bio to be updated shortly.
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Dominic on Resolving Conflict through Restorative Justice:


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