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Summer of Peace Restorative Justice on The Rise and The Story of What Inspired It

An exclusive interview between The Shift Network’s Director of Peace Philip Hellmich and Molly Rowan Leach Join us for this archive we celebrated the final session of a hugely successful Summer of Peace 2013 partnership with Restorative Justice on The Rise, where The Shift Network’s own Philip Hellmich, interviews me about the impetus for the birth of this free global telecast series, now in its 3rd season and featuring an incredible archive of over 1110 special guests working directly in the field and beyond. We will cover the personal and the collective, as I share my own insights into how
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Jason Tashea, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Youth Courts International

Jason Tashea first came across youth courts in 1997 as a bailiff for the Anchorage Youth Court program, where he then served as a member, defender, prosecutor, and presiding judge until 2003. He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Oregon in 2012. He interned at the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Rule of Law Initiative in Yerevan, Armenia, and the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime in Vienna, Austria, where he actively promoted juvenile justice reform at both organizations. His youth court proposal was enthusiastically supported by ABA, translated into Armenian and given to the Armenia Ministry of
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Unlikely Friends with Internationally Renowned Filmmaker/Documentarian Leslie Neale

Leslie Neale and her films are recognized for their impact on social justice. Her award-winning film “Road to Return,” narrated by Tim Robbins, was presented to the United States Congress, prompting a bill authorizing 6 million dollars for prison aftercare. “Juvies,” narrated by Mark Wahlberg, toured the world as one of the top ten “Human Rights Watch” films of 2005. “Juvies” also screened at the United Nations, encouraging the first ever conference on juvenile justice, won many awards and aired on HBO. Her films encourage in-depth examination of these topics with an uncommon sensitivity. We will be discussing the importance
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