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Dr. Howard Zehr, Grandfather of the Modern Field of Restorative Justice.

About Dr. Zehr: Widely known as “the grandfather of restorative justice,” Zehr began as a practitioner and theorist in restorative justice in the late 1970s at the foundational stage of the field. Zehr continues in this third decade to deepen the principles of restorative justice and grow its practice worldwide. He has led hundreds of events in some 25 countries and 35 states, including trainings and consultations on restorative justice, victim-offender conferencing, judicial reform, and other criminal justice matters. His impact has been especially significant in the United States, Brazil, Japan, Jamaica, Northern Ireland, Britain, the Ukraine, and New Zealand,
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Evelyn Zellerer, Ph.D of Peace of The Circle and RJ4All

Evelyn Zellerer, Ph.D. criminology, is a facilitator, trainer and speaker specializing in restorative justice, peacemaking circles, and conscious governance. Dr. Zellerer is founder and director of Peace of the Circle – an international organization that works with government, justice agencies, businesses, non-profits, schools and communities. Over the past 20 years, Evelyn has taught and led projects in diverse cultural contexts, including the Arctic, southern USA, Caribbean, South Africa, Australia and the former Soviet Union. Evelyn is also a professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. She is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters, and is also now a blogger!
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Officer Greg Ruprecht

Officer Greg Ruprecht had initial doubts (Click Here or on above image to view video) about Restorative justice. He had a powerful transformation of his belief in RJ as he watched it in motion within the police department’ systems. We are delighted to host Greg and look forward to exploring his experiences and the statistics he’s seen in motion over the arc of the years LPD has implemented RJ. Watch this poignant interview with him thanks to the Longmont Community Justice Partnership of Longmont, CO. He is a Master Police Officer (MPO) with a municipal Colorado police department, has 11
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