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Steve Korr of IIRP

Steve Korr, Instructor/Facilitator at the International Institute for Restorative Practices ( has been working with young people and their families since 1985. He worked for over a decade in several of the IIRP’s model schools as both a counselor and a school administrator, employing restorative practices with students, families and staff. Steve has provided professional development in restorative practices to thousands of professionals in education, criminal justice and social services from all over the world. Steve has facilitated many restorative conferences, both formal and informal, to address the needs of all who have been impacted by crime and wrongdoing. He
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Margot Van Sluytman

Margot Van Sluytman is the Founder and Director of the Sawbonna Project whose mission is: shaping concrete vision for inclusivity of all voices in the social, criminal, and restorative justice areas. Her father was murdered and she now works with the man who murdered him. She also is an Award-winning poet and academic. She is a social justice activist who teaches therapeutic writing to educate individuals how to write to find healing and transformation for themselves and those with whom they work. She is invited across North America to speak about the importance of poetry and narrative and how they
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Lynette Parker of Prison Fellowship International and Restorative Justice Online

with very special guest LYNETTE PARKER Lynette Parker works with Prison Fellowship national organizations in the development of justice reform initiatives and programmes. She provides training and information in the area of restorative justice and oversees PFI’s two main justice programmes – the Sycamore Tree Project® and Communities of Restoration. Lynette also represents PFI at meetings of the U. N. Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and other United Nations events. She has also published articles on the use of restorative practices in Latin America. Aside from her work at PFI, Lynette serves as a volunteer restorative
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