Tim Chapman: Restorative Justice and Voice-A Return to Authentic Power

Tim Chapman: Restorative Justice and Voice-A Return to Authentic Power

Tim Chapman had a lengthy career in the Probation Service in Northern Ireland rising to a
senior management position. He spent 10 years as a lecturer and course director of the
Masters programme in Restorative Practices at the University of Ulster. He now teaches at
the University of Sassari, Italy, as a Visiting Professor and at The University of Strathclyde as
a Visiting Professor. He also offers training, research and consultancy in restorative justice.
He has conducted training in restorative justice theory and practices from foundation level
to specialist training throughout the world. He has published widely in effective probation
practice, youth justice and restorative justice. He is currently conducting research into
victims’ experience of restorative justice. He has been a board member and chair of the
European Forum for Restorative Justice. He continues to practice and is leading two major
restorative justice programmes addressing institutional sexual abuse.

In this deeply powerful 90m conversation he dives into:

  • Dynamics within power structures specific to his research, and his work, with survivors of sexual abuse with the Catholic Church.
  • The Power of Relationships and Relationships of Power
  • The "Seven P's" of restorative (People, Purpose, Place, Period of time, Process design, Protocols (guidelines), Practitioner, Preparation (support)
  • The importance of listening deeply
  • The importance of allowing stakeholder choice around who keeps/facilitates
  • Victim/Harmed parties elemental needs
  • The importance of RJ and Human Dignity and how these interweave in practice
  • The "ecosystem" of a circle

Quote from podcast:

"To restore one's own power within one's own life, to give meaning and reconnection, as well as autonomy and control, justice..." (referring to supporting harmed parties of sexual abuse within the church and what he has found they need)

Tim is former Chair of the European Forum for Restorative Justice, and you are cordially invited to join them as they host an International Conference in Tallinn, Estonia in May 2024. For more information:



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