Restorative Justice & Social Healing in the US and Beyond

Mali Rowan Presents Restorative Justice & Social Healing in the US and Beyond Dialogue Series with very special guest James O'Dea

Dear Friends,

I began working with James O'Dea in 2004 when he was President at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and with a core and common vision aimed at courageous Peacebuilding and deep interests in human rights, social healing and reform of prison systems in the US, I've enjoyed a continued collaboration with him. I find James to be, at essence, one of the best-kept secrets in Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in our world. His presence elicits a deep dive combining wisdom and practical insights. He is a humble servant of individual and collective transformation and has served at such organizations such as Amnesty International (as Director of Washington DC Office), Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) as past President and Extended Faculty and the SEVA Foundation.

James' life was almost snuffed out in a horrible attack overseas--a case of racial prejudice combined with mistaken identity. That event was a powerful impetus for him to dive into the world of Amnesty and do everything he could to stand for human rights. He once gave former President Clinton a scolding for his human rights record and has stood for the US to the United Nations surrounding International human rights issues. James now is focusing his time on teaching Peacebuilding and sharing his profound experiences, intellect, and insights with an international student body that include his INTIMATE Intensive offerings as well as the Peace Ambassador Training series with The Shift Network.

He is an author of a powerful paradigm-shifting book about stress, Creative Stress: A Path for Evolving Souls Living through Personal and Planetary Upheaval, and is penning a soon-to-be-published book, Cultivating Peace, due out early 2012. He is an Advisory Council Member to The Peace Alliance and a mentor and friend to global citizens.

We will dialogue with James about his very unique on-the-ground perspective in International Models of Restorative Justice.

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