Integrating Restorative Justice with Matthew Hartman

Matthew is the Restorative Justice Coordinator at the Clackamas County Juvenile Department and Chair for the NW Justice Forum Planning Committee

Matthew Hartman (MA) has extensive experience in organizational development, particularly related to the work of aligning a groups practices with their stated values and purpose. Working across the US and internationally, Matthew has offered facilitation, consultation and training in restorative justice, conflict transformation, and mediation to non-profit, public and corporate sectors.

Currently, Matthew is the Restorative Justice Coordinator of the Clackamas County Juvenile Department where he is providing in-house consultancy toward aligning the department's practices with restorative justice values and principles. Related projects include strategic planning, website enhancement, the development of the Victim Impact Program, and coordination of a Victim-Offender Dialogue Program. In addition, Matthew is also expanding and strengthening the capacity of Clackamas County communities to engage as a meaningful participants in responding to juvenile crime. Matthew is the Chair of the NW Justice Forum Planning Committee and a Steering Committee member for the Restorative Justice Coalition of Oregon.

Matthew has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a Masters degree in Conflict Transformation. Additional areas of expertise include trauma healing; qualitative evaluation; conflict analysis and theory; and strategic peacebuilding. Matthew's natural style and ability to put individuals and groups at ease assists all parties in achieving their goals through listening, transformative dialogue and creative problem solving.

Website link for more information about CCJD and its programs or visit: Also visit the NW Justice Forum Website at

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