RJ Center of the NW – Nicholas Bradford


In October of 2013 Nicholas founded the Restorative Justice Center of the Northwest.

Through a partnership with Pierce County Center Dispute Resolution we have reached out to local schools in Pierce Co. as well as beginning to support Pierce Co. Juvenile Justice.  We are looking forward to a rich working relationship.

Our work is focused on system level change.  We are developing whole school (agency) approaches to dealing with painful conflict.  From preventative community building practices that borrow from circle practice and ropes course type activities.  We have developed tools and approaches to the middle level harm.  These tools are challenging and are often tailored to the particular school or classroom.  These tools seek to address minor disruptive behavior in an effective way that engages youth and teachers.  Finally we use the traditional Restorative Conferencing for the most severe cases of harm.

We are working with school to create strong systems that students, teachers, and administrators have ownership over in order to create long lasting change and results.

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