Executive Administrator for the Colorado Restorative Justice Coalition (Colorado)

Deb currently is the State of Colorado Restorative Justice Coalition’s Administrative Manager (
Deb is also the previous Executive Director the Longmont Community Justice Partnership. They are dedicated to breaking cycles of violence and crime, and promoting civility in schools and communities. In partnership with the Longmont, CO Police Department, Restorative Justice is one of their truly revolutionary and most successful programs. Deb was also instrumental in producing the 2012 Restorative Justice Summit that featured sessions with Restorative Circles’ Dominic Barter, in Denver, August 2012.


  1. DJ Barela

    Good evening, Deb. I recently attended the RJ Symposium in Colorado Springs. As a school counselor, I am very intrigued about how to most effectively incorporate RJ into the school discipline process. When you presented the data with Mr. Lee on Thursday of the conference about the numbers of students from the 4 districts that had elected RJ, I thought I understood the data to say that only 15 African American kids elected RJ. This brought up a lot of questions for me. I am wondering if I may continue this dialog with you at some point? Thank you for your time and for the great conference!

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