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Katy Gilbert of Stories of Our City

I am thrilled to announce my next featured guest, Katy Gilbert of Stories of Our City, during Mali Rowan Presents Fall/Winter Virtual Series on Restorative Justice and Social Healing. Katy is based out of Beirut and co-founded Stories of Our City as a way of building peace in our world through sharing the stories of people from the Middle East and beyond. We know the power of story, and the power of listening, to create bridges. Katy and her co-founders have created a platform for peace through podcasts and providing a place where peoples voices can be truly heard. Tomorrow
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Robin Casarjian of the Lionheart Foundation

Robin Casarjian, M.A. is the Founder and Director of the Lionheart Foundation and its National Emotional Literacy Projects. She is an educator, public speaker, writer, and consultant. In developing and implementing programming for prisoners and youth-at-risk, she draws from her experience as director of a school for at-risk adolescents, as well as extensive experience in education, stress management training, psychotherapy and administration. She is author of Forgiveness: A Bold Choice for a Peaceful Heart (Bantam, 1992) and Houses of Healing: A Prisoner’s Guide to Inner Power and Freedom (Lionheart Press, 1995), and co-author, with Bethany Casarjian, Ph.D., of Power Source:
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HB 11-1032 Law, Colorado (passed 5/2011)

HOUSE BILL 11-1032 adds restorative justice to the options a court has when it imposes an alternative sentence instead of incarceration or as a part of a probation sentence. Under current law, restorative justice sentencing provisions are permitted in juvenile cases during advisement, entry of plea, sentencing, and during probation. The bill would make some of those provisions mandatory, including provisions that would require most juveniles to undergo a presentence evaluation to determine whether restorative justice is a suitable sentencing option.
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