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Katy Hutchinson, International RJ Advocate, Author, and Speaker

Katy Hutchison’s Biography: Katy resides in Victoria, BC. She moved back to Vancouver Island sixteen years ago, following the murder of her husband Bob McIntosh. In the course of dealing with the legal issues surrounding Bob’s death, she met and married lawyer Michael Hutchison. After Bob’s murder on New Year’s Eve 1997 Katy waited for five years while the police worked tirelessly to obtain the evidence to prosecute and convict his killers. During that period, Katy developed her perception of the societal forces and lack of understanding amongst young people that created the circumstances leading to Bob’s death. She grew
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On the Ground in Juvenile Corrections with Melinda Sonnen, CDAC

Melinda Sonnen, CADC, is with the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections and recently was a featured presenter at the NW Justice Forum, an annual event held in the Northwestern U.S. Her interactive session descriptions are (and will be part of what we cover in this broadcast): Offender Victim Awareness Competency Development: Workshop participants will learn about Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections Victim Awareness Offender Competency Development Curriculum. One essential component of rehabilitation is for juveniles to understand the effects their behaviors and choices have on others, and then to care enough about those effects to alter their behavior. Without victim awareness, we find that adjusting behavior for juveniles is
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Police Chief Bob Richardson

How One Police Chief is Seeing RJ Produce Compelling Results Police Chief Richardson’s presentation at the recent and annually-held NW Justice Forum focused mainly on RJ from a Police standpoint. He understands that without a commonality and consistency in the practices of each agency (i.e. schools, police and the courts) we will not see success in our goal to provide effective restorative justice to the youth of our community. Also it is important for juvenile offenders to want to improve themselves and their futures; it is our duty to foster that desire though positive interactions. Police Chief Bob Richardson was
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