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Creating Restorative Spaces with Barb Toews and Deanna Van Buren

RJOY (Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth) Space Design by Deanna January 23, 2014 Creating Restorative Spaces with Barb Toews and Deanna Van Buren Topic: Barb and Deanna discuss how the setup and design of a space can proactively support restorative processes, including Deanna’s experience designing space for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (pictured above). An excellent body of work and a growing new field that also resembles other countries who are re-thinking justice architecture. Deanna Van Buren is the founder and Design Director of FOURM design studio in Oakland California and recent Loeb Fellow at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.
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Jacques Verduin

Description of Dialogue: Jacques shares about the GRIP program and insights into ways that ISO programs help inmates transform themselves into change agents. Great program for those looking to do work within Corrections, and for anyone who cares about root causes of crime and viable ways to address them. Jacques Verduin, MA Somatic Psych. is a father, community organizer and a teacher. He is the Founding Director of the Insight Prison Project (IPP), a non-profit that since 1997 pioneers innovative in-prison rehabilitation programs in San Quentin. In 2011 he founded Insight-Out (IS0), which provides services and self-development opportunities to prisoners
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