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Glenn Aparicio-Parry on “Original Justice”

When we talk about justice, or restorative justice, we almost always in some form or another refer to those that came before–whether peoples, tribes, traditions, cultures. We also have an inherent sense of justice that could be termed “original”. In this hour live dialogue we’ll share with Glenn about these concepts and more, and hear from him about his deep dig into the roots and origins of justice, dialogue and unified thinking and how they support the foundation of restorative practices–or any particular movement towards peace, healing and understanding ourselves and the precious world we all share. -Molly Rowan Leach
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Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative

Other Media featuring Bryan: Bill Moyers Interview (Moyers and Company) Rachel Maddow Show (On Atty General Eric Holder & mass incarceration) TED Talk Bryan A. Stevenson is the founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative, a private, non-profit organization headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, and is a professor at New York University School of Law. He has gained national acclaim for his work challenging bias against the poor and people of color in the criminal justice system. Stevenson has assisted in securing relief for dozens of condemned prisoners, advocated for poor people and developed community-based reform litigation aimed at
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