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Restorative Justice and the Fresh Start & Harvest of Potential Program

This week we are thrilled to be hosting Rachel Pearl and Youth Representatives from the Restorative principles-based GREEN Corps Fresh Start programs in conjunction with the Clackamas County Juvenile Justice Department and other key partners. They are leveraging programs that combine youth empowerment with job skills in Green jobs and food production to reduce juvenile incarceration and recidivism successfully. Their approach not only saves thousands of dollars in the diversion of youth from sentencing and incarceration, but also gives them an opportunity to exemplify accountability and repayment of their offenses by putting their hands in the soil, literally. It’s exciting
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Restorative Justice, Law Enforcement & Community Programs

Mike Butler has thirty-one years of comprehensive policing experience ranging from beat officer to police chief with nationally recognized police departments. Since 1993, Mike has been at the helm of the Longmont Police Department. In 2008, Butler assumed responsibilities for the Longmont Fire Department as well. During his tenure the Longmont Police Department was chosen as one of the Top 10 Community Policing Departments in the nation by the United States Department of Justice. He has assisted in or taken a primary role in the development of a number of innovative management systems and programs. Chief Butler is a big supporter
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Restorative Justice: A New Paradigm for Social Transformation with Azim Khamisa

Hailed by dignitaries such as the Dalai Lama and Tariq Khamisa, Azim’s murdered son and for whom the TKF Foundation was formed in honor of. Thich Nhat Hanh, Azim Khamisa delivers his inspirational message to a world in desperate need of forgiveness, peace and hope. Following the murder of his only son Tariq in 1995 through a senseless, gang-related incident, Azim chose the path of forgiveness and compassion rather than revenge, and this amazing choice led to the establishment of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF) and his subsequent forgiveness work which has reached millions through international speaking, (in 1996 –
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