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Special Guest Anael Harpaz

Special Guest Anael Harpaz, born in S. Africa and living in Israel, Poet, Author of upcoming childrens book on peace and nonviolence. She will share her profound personal journey of transformation and share what she witnessed working with young Israeli and Palestinian women during her time with Creativity For Peace, a camp that immerses young women and girls from Israel/Palestine in sharing, NVC, creative arts, deep expression and understanding. Anael, In Her Own Words… Anael Harpaz I am a person who grew up in a land of separation- South Africa in the fifties, and at the age of seventeen left
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The phenomenal Susan Partnow and The Power of Compassionate Listening

Susan Partnow and The Power of Compassionate Listening, Restorative Circles and Bringing Peace into Everyday Practice. Susan Partnow is passionately committed to grassroots citizen action, Susan Partnow peacemaking, dialogue and community building. She facilitates processes that transform conflict and promote co-intelligence – all arising from a deep belief that we can and must ‘listen our way to wholeness’ and find our essential humanity through connection and dialogue. For decades, Susan has helped create grassroots networks that work collaboratively and compassionately, from the founding of Families for Peace in the early 80’s to Global Citizen Journey in 2003. Susan has joined delegations
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A Restorative Circle in the Wake of a Police Shooting

by Andrea Brenneke, Tikkun Magazine, February 1, 2012 On August 30, 2010, a Seattle police officer shot and killed John T. Williams, a First Nations wood carver, while he was walking down a sunny downtown street with the tools of his trade — a piece of wood and a small carving knife. The officer got out of his car, walked toward Mr. Williams with a drawn gun, and yelled three times to “Put the knife down!” Seconds later, he fired four times, killing him. The officer later testified he felt threatened by the knife. Learn More
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