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J. Kim Wright is the ABA Bestselling Author of Lawyers as Peacemakers

J. Kim Wright is the ABA Bestselling Author of Lawyers as Peacemakers, an attorney, and Founder of Cutting Edge Law. Kim is unequivocally at the cutting edge of Evolutionary Law and Social Evolution and has devoted her life to staying at the frontlines of holistic and human-based approaches to law and beyond, and to their implementation especially in the United States. Kim also co-hosts with me a very powerful series for Evolutionary Lawyers featuring a stellar range of guest speakers, and asking Lawyers to challenge themselves each week to commit to evolutionary acts in the Law. Join Kim and I
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Herb Blake

Herb Blake has an extraordinary life story. And just after this interview he passed on. His service to life is not forgotten and this series is dedicated to his memory, and to continuing the work he did to share stories about justice. We love you Herb! As an inmate at Folsom State Prison in CA, he discovered the gift hidden within his being: service to others, and service to healing, forgiveness and beyond. Inside prison he became a “coach” for fellow inmates. Upon reentering society, Herb became a Certified Circle Keeper in Restorative Justice, an author, speaker, and Radio Host
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Lois DeMott

Lois DeMott’s story is one of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve heard–and as an insider to the criminal justice system, I’ve heard my share of stories. Lois is the founder of Citizens for Prison Reform, a fast-growing citizens network that focuses especially on the treatment of mentally ill who are incarcerated… she will join us tonight to share her story, her journey, and the amazing courage she has had in turning tragedy into action that aims to change the system and connect families and prisoners to solutions. I am extraordinarily honored that Lois will be with us tonight. She has
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